Vision and Mission

To build a society where justice, peace and social amity prevail and where there are facilities for a person to live human life in all its fullness


To bring about socio-economic development of poor, backward and neglected communities through their participation


  • To promote development based on economic equality, social justice and public opinion.
  • To generate interest among the boys and girls, men and women of poor strata of the society towards formal and non-formal education
  • To develop an appropriate methodology in respect of family welfare, childcare and health services
  • To develop an understanding, knowledge and efficiency among the rural youths, so that they could have better understanding in respect of socio-economic and political structure of the society apart from a base to become self-reliant
  • To conduct activities with community participation for education, health, environment, agricultural development and sustainable livelihood
  • To increase strength of women through their participation in development process and empowering panchayats
  • To provide the benefits the community from GOs and NGOs services/facilities and rejuvenate the traditional system of techniques